• Face to face mystery shopping
  • Digital telephone mystery shopping
  • Online mystery shopping
  • Postal mystery shopping

Face to Face Mystery Shopping
A visit is made to your premises by one of our experienced surveyors, posing as a ‘real customer’.  Using agreed scenarios, they will record the actions taken by your staff on a tailor made  questionnaire.

Digital Telephone Mystery Shopping
Many potential customers will have their first dealings with your business over the phone.  Are your staff creating that all important good first impression are they polite and knowledgeable about the services and goods that you offer? Our telephone call surveys provide you with a comprehensive report and digital recording of each call.

Online Mystery Shopping
Within an ever- changing world of technology, increasing numbers of your customers will be contacting you by email or via the internet. This form of evaluation allows us to access response times and quality of response to emails, along with whether your website is informative and user friendly.

Postal Mystery Shopping
Many customers will approach your business by telephone, Internet or email, resulting in information and products being posted.  We can monitor the speed and quality of this response from request to receipt.

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