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What does a Mystery-shopper do?

On a Saturday afternoon, in a shopping centre: Mary enters a fashion-store.

She quickly makes a few mental notes, noticing that the store’s background music is way too loud, but also that this week’s promotional item is well displayed. The salesperson is indeed smiling. Yet ignores her customers as she focuses on opening boxes of goods…

Clothing items are untidily scattered around the fitting room area.

Mary gives up. After trying them on without a word or advice or any help from the personnel, she chooses not to buy those slick shorts that had first caught her eye..

Yet this is not the end of our story, since Mary is also a Mystery-Shopper currently doing surveys for Mystery Shopper Scotland.

After the visit, Mary fills in an observation grid, giving feedback on her Mystery Visit.

How do you use Mystery Study results ?

The next morning, the tested outlet’s managers  have access to these results online, posted on their secured personal space hosted by Mystery Shopper Scotland’s website or by simple easy to read report.

These  tools allow you to communicate with your staff about the results of these visits, at all levels of your business.

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